Unemployed and considering a career in the growing wind industry?

Maersk Training can help and support you if you wish to train to work within the growing UK and overseas wind industry. We have developed an industry leading diploma programme designed to prepare you to work in the industry, available to those who are aged 19+ and in receipt of unemployment benefits

Preparing you for a new career

Maersk Training in Newcastle offers you a complete education programme for onshore and offshore training for a career in the Wind industry. Our industry leading diploma programme is designed to:

  1. provide the essential mandatory skills required for you to work in the wind industry
  2. assist you to gain employment within the growing wind industry

Our training is certified by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and it’s designed to address the lack of skills in the wind industry. We will provide you with the mandatory skills, valid certificate and prepare you for your new career. Understanding the industry and the emphasis on safety and training are the first step towards employment.

The wind industry is a fast growing industry

The wind industry is one of the few industries today that is growing and developing substantially in an adverse economic climate.

Maersk Training – a better learning experience

At Maersk Training, we train people to be prepared so that they can handle real life situations. We strive to provide a better learning experience, and our goal is to achieve the highest learning level from a training session – use what you learn and you will improve your performance and safety behaviour.

Our instructors have personal experience of working in the subjects they are delivering, offshore, at heights or in the wind industry. This gives them a first-hand understanding of what is involved applying course knowledge in the “real world”.

Our training centre contains highly equipped modern facilities offering a first class learning environment for both the practical and technical training. Our training centre in Newcastle is easily accessible and delegates are well looked after to ensure the best possible learning experience.

The Diploma Programmes (click title to see course description)

Level 2 Diploma in Safe Working Practice in the Wind Turbine Industry (QCF)

The aim of this qualification is to provide the essential mandatory skills and knowledge of safety in the wind turbine industry.


The Level 2 Diploma consists of the following modules:

  • Health & safety in the wind turbine industry.
  • Introduction to working with electrics and electronics in the wind turbine industry.
  • Working at heights in the wind turbine industry.
  • First aid in the wind turbine industry.
  • Manual handling in the wind turbine industry.
  • Fire awareness in the wind turbine industry.
  • Working in confined spaces (medium risk) in the wind turbine industry.
  • Marine safety and sea survival in the wind turbine industry.
  • Employability in the wind turbine industry.


The aim of this qualification is to provide the essential mandatory skills and knowledge of safety in the wind turbine industry.

Admission requirements

Aged 19 or over, in receipt of unemployment benefit and been a UK resident for the whole of the last 3 years

All prospective Level 2 Diploma candidates must pass an assessment and selection process. This is to ensure that we have the right candidates on the right course that are highly motivated to succeed and progress into employment in the Onshore or Offshore Wind industry

Candidates must pass:

  • Initial interview
  • Literacy and Numeracy assessment
  • Mechanical and Technical Assessment to demonstrate they can follow a written work schedule to complete a simple technical task to an appropriate standard within a set time
  • Working at Height Assessment to demonstrate that they can climb a ladder safely by following instructions and using appropriate equipment

For more information and to assess your eligibility, please complete this form (all mandatory)

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Admission requirements

See admission requirements under each Diploma Programme

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