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Safety first and quality always. These are basic values of Maersk Training, and safety is always at the heart of our training. Safety means different things in different situations, but in all situations we prepare people for what may happen in their working environment.

Our safety courses can be broad-based, like a high profile campaign to improve the safety awareness and working environment within a company. However, there are also those targeted for smaller groups or individuals needing expertise in cases such as correct handling of certain chemicals or equipment. Accidents do not discriminate between one industry and another. Accidents don’t work to a timescale. Across all areas there is one common target – we aim to achieve a truly safe working environment.

So there you are, doing your job

You think you have what it takes, after all you have done it all, seen it all before. So why do you still have to listen to this safety stuff? What’s the point? You think, just let me get on with my job – safety isn’t that what the safety rep is for?
A very wrong and dangerous assumption – safety is all about you!

FIRST, you need to have the know-how for the job. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t know your limits, then you are putting yourself and others at risk. You’re the hazard. So you need to be honest about what you know you can do safely. Keep your skills up to date. Make sure you have the know-how for the job.

SECOND, you’ve got to co-operate with the people working alongside you. Be open, share your knowledge and experience, if something doesn’t look safe, then say so. Be willing to listen. If a colleague has something to say to you about safety, then learn from them. That is
called cooperation.

THIRD, you’ve got to remember, you always have a choice. Every day you can choose, to cut corners, to take risks, or you can chose to think safe. You can think about the hazards. Think about what you have to lose, and then you can choose to do the right thing, the safe thing. So, it is your choice.
o    Your know-how
o    Your cooperation
o    Your choice

That is what we mean about a personal responsibility for safety. It starts with us, but it ends with you!

Safety cultures

Moving a company’s safety culture from a basic pathological level, where nobody takes ownership, all the way up to the highest level, where the culture is generative, is not an easy task. Results in the best safety cultures are found where employees integrate safety in their day-to-day business models and where ownership and responsibility go hand-in-hand. It is our philosophy that safety is a dynamic topic and is under constant development. All our training courses and safety climate campaigns include the most recent safety environment methods and we work in close cooperation with some of the best safety advisors in the world.

Embedded in thought and action

You cannot put a price tag on safety, only on accidents. At Maersk Training the foundation of all the learning processes across the five main industry-focused departments is in creating a safety culture. Out there on the platforms, supply vessels and rigs safety is paramount. It is a culture so embodied into the workplace that it is the primary thought in everything we do.

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