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Unexpected and sometimes critical pressure. A seafarer or a crisis team can encounter many different challenges, and our expert security trainers prepare people for them. We run Surviving Piracy and Armed Robbery courses where we focus on psychology and coping with aggression, or Crisis Management with realistic crisis scenarios. Our security courses can be generic for most seafarers, or tailor-made to meet specific demands.

Being a seafarer you face the risk of ending up in a situation where the next step is not up to your decision.

“At first we thought we would be free after three or four months but then it got unbearable. They made us call our families and put pressure on them. When I heard my wife and children cry ... what father can bear it? I then decided to kill one or two pirates. The others also thought so. We had lost all hope, we knew it would be suicidal, but we thought we should try. If I killed even one, I knew they would not leave me, but I thought I must do something.”
Chief Officer Mujtaba
MV Albedo - released after 21 months

Our Surviving Piracy and Armed Robbery (SPAR) course is still the most unique and essential maritime security course in the marketplace. The course has long been a steadfast tool in the mental weaponry to prepare seafarers, and those responsible for them, for the potential situation of unpleasant encounters. The three days of instruction and psychological aid may prove to the individual, to be the most valuable learning experience ever undertaken.

Apart from SPAR we run several security courses with focus on the safety of the operational workforce, particularly in the offshore environment:
o    Counter piracy and hostage survival training
o    Security seminar
o    Major emergency management initial response training crisis Management training (2nd & 3rd line)
o    Emergency response training (1st line/control room)

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