Finance for Non-financials – Siemens DK

This course demystifies finance and makes it simple to understand and apply these learnings to your daily job.

You will experience finance in a completely new way and through visualization, gamification and lots of interactive exercises you will see finance as much more than just numbers.

It will become a natural part of your professional toolbox and you will gain confidence to engage in financial conversations. This course is based on the same foundation of content as Finance for non-financials (for managers), and will aim at providing an overall understanding of the concepts, and a practicable financial language for the employee to use in their daily work.

Do you want, once and for all learn, to learn how to interpret and read behind the financial information?

Often Finance is being perceived as boring and difficult and at the same time people know it is essential in whatever function they have within the company. This course provides you with an opportunity to learn about the financials in an interactive and interesting environment.

  • Financial fundamentals.
  • Finance in a business context.
  • Business simulations – impact of different financial events.
  • Finance game – learning while competing and having fun.
  • Different business – different financial situations and challenges.
  • Your business – your challenges.
  • Financial cases – analysis.
  • Financial communication to non-financial teams.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have acquired a solid business finance understanding, the ability to see behind the numbers, including:

  • Be able to “Integrate” financial thinking in daily tasks. Participants will be encouraged and motivated to talk and challenge routines and “we use to do” from a financial perspective.
  • Be able to read and understand financial statements.
  • Be able to interpret financial KPI’s and connect them to day-to-day business.
  • Be able to connect different business sectors to financial structures.
  • Be able to identify pain points and challenges based on financial information.
  • Be able to gain the confidence and be able to engage in financial conversations.
  • Be able to understand what business can do to improve cash flow.

A hands-on and very practical approach which engage participants in a normal very dry and for many people difficult subject. The visual language of finance makes it easy to understand even complex KPI’s and financial relations.

By the use of an effective combination of learning methods and tools including simulation game the participants experience an eye-opener to finance which does not focus on spreadsheets and formulas.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT.