FOWC Ship Handling & DP Jacking Course

The purpose of the course is to give course participants knowledge of maneuvering with Fred Olsen Win carrier – General ship handling during arrival and departure of port and on DP inside windfarms for arrival and departure to/from jacking position.

Exercises in the simulator will be on a true hydrodynamics 3D model of Brave Tern including the vessels DP software and jacking systems.

After completion of the course the participants will have:

  • Knowledge of vessel thruster layout and the ability to describe its practical use during port, shallow water and open water manoeuvring
  • Practiced manoeuvring with Brave Tern type Windcarrier with Voith Schneider thrusters in different wind and current conditions
  • Understanding on the DP systems ability and limitations during arrival and departure of jacking position inside windfarms
  • The content of the course is:
    Vessel layout & Structure
    • Vessel pivot point and ship behavior
    • Own ship forces, Voith Schneider thrusters

    External forces

    • Wind, waves and swell
    • Current

    Dynamic Positioning

    • DP system outline and FMEA
    • Arrival and departure Jacking position, and the interplay between DP operations and jacking
    • IMCA Guidance

    Practical exercises in full mission simulator

    • Maneuvering Exercises using Brave Tern hydrodynamic 3D model
    • Maneuvering on open water
    • Arrival and departure port and narrow difficult places
    • Arrival windfarms and maneuvering on DP joystick
    *The price is excluding applicable VAT.