Generic Dynamic Positioning Drilling Refr. & IWCF Well Control L2 Refr.

The purpose of this course is to focus on drilling industry specific design solutions, and guidelines.

The course builds on the knowledge gained during DPO certification and previous experience and refreshes both the theoretical knowledge of the working principles of the DP system, and the knowledge of the main elements of a DP system on board drill ships and MODU’s.

To insure the best possible outcome of the course, the candidate will be assessed on both knowledge and skills

  • DP system, function of the control loop.
  • Position reference system and common error sources.
  • PRS – Internal handling and sensor data in the DP system
  • Power plants and DP power management
  • Thrusters: Designs, degradation factors, failure modes and DP operational setting
  • Environmental impacts and associated operational considerations.
  • Planning of DP drilling operations.
  • DP equipment classes, requirements and concepts, including FMEA process and purpose

The goals for this course is to refresh and reinforce the understanding of the DP system and the function of the DP control loop in an Oil and Gas setting.

  • To understand equipment specific settings and parameters and to understand the importance of Oil and Gas related DP operation planning and methods for same.
  • To understand Hydro Acoustic Position Reference Systems and the GNSS system for vessel positioning.
  • To understand error source mitigation methods related to above PRS principles and the impact of various environmental disturbances during DP operation.
  • To gain knowledge of the most common power systems and commonly used thruster designs.
  • To gain knowledge of the DP equipment classes, different redundancy concepts and FMEA processes
  • To apply key parts of the theory in practice during full mission simulator exercises and active learning sessions
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