Offshore Installation Manager (IOM) licensing – IMO res.1079(28)

The purpose of this course is to:

  1. fulfill the competence requirements related to the essential safety and pollution prevention functions of Offshore Installation Managers (OIM’s) and Barge Supervisors (BS) as stated in IMO Resolution A.1079 (28).
  2. provide the candidate with the knowledge and importance of becoming well acquainted with the characteristics and limitations of the MOU and the organization and actions to be taken in an emergency.
  3. provide the candidate with the knowledge and importance of maintaining all firefighting and life saving appliances on board, and ensuring all persons are adequately trained

  • Basic MOU stability and construction
  • MOU station keeping, mooring and Dynamic Positioning
  • Transit operations, including towing and the International Collision Regulations
  • Emergency Procedures and the use and maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Safe working practices including personnel transfers, cargo lifting and handling, including dangerous goods, and pollution prevention
  • Basic meteorology and weather effects on the MOU
  • Industrial operations of the various types and designs of MOU
  • MOU regulatory and certification requirements

You will be able to define the key elements of the normal and emergency operational duties of the Offshore Installation Manager/Barge Supervisor by way of:

  • Class room or remote video based training eg Zoom/Teams.
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Course Manual
You will be able to discuss the various regulatory and certification requirements of the MOU, as well as the importance and use emergency procedures, drills and on board training You will be able to analyze the MOU stability, in normal and emergency situations, and ensure that the MOU is at all times maintained in an optimum stability condition