Personal Power – Siemens

The purpose of the course is to improve the individual’s impact in his/her communication, being able to negotiate, create a better self-awareness and self-control, and being able to communicate outwards to others in order to support important and high stake conversations.

Personal power is an enabler to achieving success in life. The goal of this course is to empower every participant to develop and harness their personal power at work place. The key is to discover what are the drivers behind the human behaviours. This entails the understanding of personal styles, ego states and ability to recognise others’ style and states. This elevated awareness state will lead to higher emotional intelligence and rational decision making in all work situations. Participants will learn how to manage their energy level (body and mind) to face the daily challenges at work, and they will achieve practical and tangible tools and methods to communicate stronger in important and high stake conversations.

This course is aimed at everyone who wish to be able to communicate stronger and more efficient towards others. The participants could be in-formal or formal leaders with personnel management responsibilities, project managers.

  • What drives Behaviour?
  • Colour energy styles
  • Discover Your Style
  • Ego state of PAC
  • Practical Exercise 1
  • MOVE
  • What matters most in Communication?
  • Tones, Body Language, Expression
  • Practical Exercise 2
  • H.I.P. to group
  • O3 (One on One)
  • Colour Blind
  • Modern communications techniques
  • Personal Action Plan

Upon completion of the course, the participants will:

  • Be able to unlock personal power through a better self-awareness.
  • Understand personality styles, including their own.
  • Be able to understand the approach of the Insights Colour profile tool, and through that discover their own colour energy.
  • Understand the three ego states and gain the ability to recognise others’ style and states.
  • Gain a higher emotional intelligence, used for driving effective communication.
  • Recognise own’s personal power and weakness.
  • Leverage this strength position in communications to make business impact in work context.
  • Be able to communicate with greater confidence knowing you have the power to make impact.

The learning strategy adopted is facilitation approach of 70:30 (Learner actives: Facilitator teach). The learner actives include major and minor activities that will be strategically designed to keep the energy level and engagement level high.

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