Presentation Skills – Siemens

Every time we communicate to others it has a purpose: share knowledge, inform others, sell ideas and influence others. This course focus on making you a great communicator and presenter. Presentations can help you get your message through to other people whether it is your colleagues, team members, customers or superiors you wish to influence. A powerful and confident communicator and presenter is more likely to get their message across, because most people will listen more closely when the message is delivered with control, power and from someone we trust.

Team leads, project managers, coordinators, managers and everyone else who has communication and presentations as a part of their job role.

In this training we will work with the following:

  • Basic communication and presentation techniques that makes you look confident and professional when presenting.
  • Your strengths and improvement areas as a communicator and presenter.
  • Tools to reduce anxiety.
  • Tools to structure talks and presentations from the beginning or restructure an inherited presentation.
  • Tools to sell your ideas and motivate your audience.
  • Tips and techniques to use different medias with special focus on the best use of PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge and training in how to take control of your presentation.

After this training you will:

  • Know what it takes to be a good communicator and presenter.
  • Know your personal strengths and development areas.
  • Be able to adjust body language and voice to create variation and focus.
  • Be able to use tools to stay in control when they communicate and present in front of others.
  • Be able to sell ideas, concepts and products in talks and presentations.
  • Know how to structure talks and presentations around key areas, targeted to their personal target group.
  • Know the different types of media – and their do(s) and do not(s).
  • Be able to adapt PowerPoints to target groups and their personal presentation style.

As you will be working on implementing the tools in your own material, please remember to bring a presentation, or preferably a couple of short ones, to deliver when we meet. If you don’t have an individual presentation, a departmental or a project one will be fine.

Also be aware that video recordings will be part of the training. The videos will be deleted after your personal feedback.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT.