Rigging Loft Supervisor

This course is designed to train delegates in the correct methods of managing and controlling lifting equipment which is used to conduct a variety of lifting operations

Theoretical training covering :

  • Familiarization with the various lifting equipment usually found in a Rigging Loft
  • Various registration systems e.g. T-Card systems
  • Pre and post inspections on lifting equipment
  • Issuing and return of lifting equipment
  • Knowledge of lifting equipment marking requirements
  • Examples of damaged equipment
  • Procedure for the control of quarantined lifting equipment
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Practical training covering:

  • Running an operational Rigging Loft
  • Demonstrate pre and post inspections
  • Demonstrate recording and registration of lifting equipment
  • Storage requirement
  • Conversant with the term “thorough examination”
  • Aware of the documentation and records to be maintained

A successful candidate will:

  • Have knowledge of the relevant legislation
  • Can demonstrate correct use of lifting equipment register
  • Can demonstrate pre and post inspections
  • Be proficient in and be Rigging loft Supervisor
  • *The price is excluding applicable VAT.