STCW A-VI/6-1 Proficiency in Security Awareness

This course is an interactive theory awareness course with the purpose to enhance ship security through increased awareness.

Course participants will gain knowledge and understanding to those on board a ship who do not have a designated security duty. Participants will learn the importance of ship security and the personnel whose role it is to manage and preserve safety and security. Participants will also develop an awareness of the measures and requirements necessary to maintain maritime security, which includes gaining the knowledge to recognise security threats and the correct procedures to follow when reporting such threats.

The course forms part of the basic training required for seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity on board a ship and gives the knowledge and awareness of the importance of vessel security.

The participant will be able to explain and/or demonstrate:

  • The role of the ISPS
  • Typical threats towards maritime safety
  • The source of conventions, codes and recommendations aimed at maritime safety
  • The roles and responsibilities of relevant bodies, organisations and individuals towards safety
  • Companies’ roles and responsibilities towards maritime security
  • The need for a PFSO at each facility
  • The need for the SSO to delegate security duties
  • Personnel’s role in enhancing maritime security
  • Measures and procedures at varying levels of security
  • The three levels of maritime security
  • Importance of completing drills and exercises
  • Security changes when entering a high risk area
  • The role of a citadel on a vessel
  • Methods used to identify security threats
  • Weapons, dangerous substances and devices that pose a security threat
  • General characteristics and behavioural patterns of those likely to threaten security
  • Provisions available to maintain security
  • Procedures used for handling SSI
  •  The techniques to circumvent security measures
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