Ship Handling for Offshore Vessels

This course combines theory of ship handling with practical exercises in the simulator.

  • Basic manoeuvring theory with focus on Offshore Support Vessels and these vessels’ special working conditions
  • Basic bridge team management skills
  • Introduction to Dynamic Positioning
  • Case studies and accident analysis
  • Calculation of wind/current, and their influence on the operation
  • Basic knowledge about offshore installation terminology
  • Safety of personnel, vessels, offshore installations and environment
  • Planning of operation
  • Risk assessment
  • Management of change
  • Contingency planning of thruster, rudder, propeller failure
  • Contingency operation during thruster, rudder, propeller failure
  • Contingency operation in the event of a semi-blackout
  • Execute operation connected to a rig during rapid changes in current and wind direction and speed
  • Training safe and correct changeover between forward and aft bridge
  • Training safe and correct changeover between manual, joystick and dynamic positioning manoeuvring mode

The theory is practised by practical exercises on the full mission offshore support vessel simulator in various weather conditions and in different working situations, including full feedback sessions after each completed operation.

The participants should, upon completion of the course, demonstrate conning of the vessel in different operational situations.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT. Please note that mandatory catering, i.e., lunch, snacks, hot and cold beverages, is now INCLUDED in the course price.