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Education Programmes

Maersk Training is all about training and education.

Being part of the Maersk Group we take great pride in our values, always showing uprightness and constant care for our people.

As a global training provider in a truly global world, we are deeply dependent on the larger industries in which we operate. This means that we do not only care for our own employees, but equally so for all the people in the shipping and offshore industries who work hard to sustain the global engines of growth and trade.

Constituting the backbone in the modern global world economy, these industries provide jobs in the millions and continue to push global demand for talented and well educated people even further. Meeting this growing demand today as in the future is of vital importance to the ongoing healthy and prosperous development of the offshore energy and maritime industries, and this fact puts a strong emphasis on proper training and education.

Maersk Training's contribution to the world we live in lies exactly in our training. We live our values by going where we are needed, always leaving in our footprint increased operational performance and a healthy safety culture.

In our endeavour to increase operational performance and raise safety levels all across the globe, we engage in a selection of local education programmes creating global opportunities for people aspiring for a career offshore by ensuring that the level of education in their local communities is at pace with industry demands.