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Totally Immersed >

For the major part of his adult life BPs David Lobdell has trained. As a US naval aviator almost every working action was practiced over and over again with the aim that should the need arise, clear communication, sound judgement and muscle memory would result in the number one desired conclusion, mission success and ultimately, survival.

Rachel's Screen Test >

‘Rachel Booker had the idea for a system of monitoring incidents onboard rigs a long while back. Covering entire walls in white boards and flip charts to plot the progress of a situation, she thought, ‘there must be a better way than this.

eSea Rider>

It's easy to draw a line between training and travelling safely along a track. A fair proportion of us have gone through some training, a mixture of theory and practical before gaining a driver’s license. Rather like on an Enhanced Well Control course, the practice of practicing the unlikely could well be the most important lesson of your life.

Two Question One Answer >

A paper written by Robert Ziegler of Weatherford International and Evelyn Baldwin of Maersk Training on Closed Loop Drilling was presented at a conference in Rio de Janeiro. It puts forward the case for adopting closed system drilling, methods which can reduce the effects of a kick back by an estimated 90%.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas >

There’s a quiet place where the Olsen’s lie with the Jensen’s, the Hansen’s beside  the Petersen’s, the Nielsen’s just in front of the Andersen’s. Their inseparability is a monument to courage, endeavor and sheer resilience.They toiled, loved and lived as a distinct community and are now together forever,
eight thousand kilometers from their homeland.

Home on the Rig >

It’s in his blood and even after a quarter of a century he still yearns for the open space of a cattle ranch. All those years back, sitting in the saddle, as his father, grandfather and forbearers had done, Johnny Leal made the decision to follow his own trail. A working cowboy could earn $300 a week back then, but that was small money compared to the expectations of an oilman. Johnny moved from range to rig.

Texan History >

When, in 2015, they hoisted the Maersk Training sign onto the wall of the Houston centre, it, in a very silent, unassuming way, made Texas no longer the ‘lone star state’. But don’t mention that to any Texan, they are very protective about their lone star. However there is a strong likelihood that there’s a connection between the seven-pointed Maersk star and that on the state’s flag – they both could have Danish origins.

A Room with No View >

There’s a large room in Maersk Training in Houston where nobody wants to go, but they are thankful once they get inside. No other Maersk centre has a room like this. It is not for training, but for safe shelter from the sort of violent weather that Texas can whip up in a moment.

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