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A better learning experience

Maersk Training focuses on providing the right competences to be prepared for the great powers of both nature and technology. Our training is about more than theory - it is based on methods that involve people and bring knowledge into operation.

The value of training is truly demonstrated when put into use in the real working environment. Maersk Training leads the way in developing simulator based programmes that move training closer to reality and provide a safe way to prepare for the challenges and dangers of the offshore industries.

In recent years Maersk Training has invested heavily in building advanced simulators to provide realistic training, and all courses are developed and conducted by highly experienced professionals from the industry. Our courses go beyond merely teaching technical skills by incorporating human factor elements ensuring a holistic training methodology.

The overall aim is to improve safety and operational performance by providing a better learning experience.

Our Instructors

We use drillers to train other drillers and captains to train captains. All our instructors with operational background are regularly circulated back to work in their professional operations for some years before returning, in order to maintain their practical skills and to follow the development in their profession.

Global Quality - Local Delivery

Our workplace is truly global. We train people from all over the world, and we travel to train people where they are. Maersk Training is represented where the maritime and offshore energy production industries are at work, with training centres in major hubs worldwide. Our ten centres and 200+ highly skilled and competent instructors is our way of delivering uniform training at the same quality in all locations. Client companies can fulfil global training requirements – locally.
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Maersk Training Facilities Overview

Where we come from

Maersk Training was founded in 1978 as the result of a human error. That error led to an accident that might have been prevented by better training.

In a company based on the key value that “no loss should hit us which can be avoided with constant care”, this was not acceptable. The purpose of our company is to improve safety procedures and performance.

Maersk Training offers funded courses for local people interested in a career in the offshore wind energy sector.
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