Comprehensive Stability

This course is flag-state approved and compliant with IMO Resolution A.1079 (28) requirements for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC). On completion, the delegate can apply for a Ballast Control Operator (BCO) endorsement.

This course aligns with the worldwide standard and mutually-accepted training and certificates that are the purpose of the STCW convention, and is delivered as a fully-virtual, instructor-led training using Microsoft Teams.

Maintaining stability is critical to the safe and efficient operations of Mobile Offshore Units (MOU). Thus the comprehensive stability course has been designed to deliver theoretical knowledge of stability criteria for semi-submersibles, drill ships (mono hull) and jack-up rigs, and enables the participants to

calculate and assess the stability of a MOU. Our experienced trainer will provide hands-on examples and a good understanding of how stability is managed in daily operations.
The course fulfills the competence requirements related to stability for Ballast Control Operators, Barge Masters, Barge Engineers, and Offshore Installation Managers as stated in IMO Resolution A.1079 (28).

  • Basic Stability Calculation, draft, list and trim
  • Stability criteria, intact and dynamic Stability
  • Hydrostatic data
  • Movement and distribution of weights onboard
  • Theoretical and computer based exercises
  • Damage stability
  • The Inclining Experiment
  • Mooring Systems influence on stability
  • Pre-Loading and leg stresses on a Jack Up rig
  • Ballast systems and BCO duties

After completing the course, the delegate will be able to:
  • define the key elements of draft and stability calculations and their limitations.
  • calculate the stability with respect to the rigs position on the water and weight distribution in elevated condition.
  • analyze the rig’s stability, in case of loss of watertight integrity (damage stability).