Crane Stage 3 OCO Re-Assessment

Course participants will have a global understanding of their responsibilities as crane operators giving them the flexibility which accompanies a globally recognizable certification. This re-assessment will evaluate the candidates’ skills as crane operators

Successful candidates will renew their Maersk Training Offshore Crane Operator (OCO) Stage 3 certificate and in compliance with LOLER, BS7121-1 and BS7121-11 standards. The certificate can include API on customer request. Maersk Training OCO Stage 3 re-assessment will be conducted in a full mission K-Sim Offshore Crane Simulator or at premises of client.

The assessment will cover, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding the crane operator’s responsibilities under LOLER, BS7121-1 and BS7121-11 standards.
  • Use of Rated Capacity Indicators in both deck to deck and over side (dynamic) lifting scenarios.
  • Usage of crane controls and safety devices
  • Knowledge of correct crane maintenance
  • Correct response to crane malfunctions, alarms and undesired operational situations (practical assessment only).

Through the caliber of response, the assessor can identify any areas of weakness in the operator’s knowledge of the equipment, safety systems or company operating procedures.

When the candidate passes the theoretical and practical exam, he will be assessed as competent in performing all offshore crane operations unsupervised and will renew his Maersk Training OCO Stage 3 certificate