Danish Maritime Legislation (DML)

To train in necessary Danish Maritime Legislation, Ship Administration and Working Environment on Masters level in order to serve as a foreign Master on board a Danish ship.

To obtain such skills that he/she is able in co-operation with other crewmembers on maintaining and promoting safety, health and well-being on board. Including assisting in resolving problems related to working environment on board, and chair the Safety Comity on board.

Learn about Danish Legislation history and structure and with weight on the rights and duties for seafarers. Work with different Act’s and Orders, and during the course work as a master with the other participants on the course.

In order to cover the amount of information there will be reading material for self studies before course start. The content of the pre-course material is part of the written test.

After having completed the training, the participants must as master on board be able to:

1. Handle the responsibility of the administrative operation of a merchant vessel in complete compliance with the present rules, regulations and provisions
2. Understand the purpose of the Danish acts, orders and regulations, and be able to apply these Danish acts, orders and regulations and be able to find answers and solutions to problems of common occurrence
3. Understand the responsibility of the master as well as being familiar with the penalty clauses in the Danish acts, orders and regulations act as respectively member and chairman of the ship’s safety group.