Drilling Calculations

To give the professional junior drilling staff the necessary knowledge regarding common formulas and calculations used in the oilfield. Participants are also introduced to well control principles and kill sheets, prior to attending their first well control course

  • Practice with American oilfield units of measure
  • Practice with oilfield calculations and formulas (volume, capacity and displacement)
  • Effect on dynamic system pressures and strengths in formulations
  • Hydrostatic pressure in gas and fluid
  • U-tube calculations
  • Gas law
  • Pressure versus depth diagrams
  • Basic surface and subsea well control principles
  • Well kill methods
  • IWCF kill sheets surface and subsea
  • Practical exercises on the Drillsim 5000 full-scale simulator
  • Oilfield terminology

To be able to

  • Understand basic calculations used in well control
  • Drill and shut in well on the Drillsim5000 simulator
  • Fill in the IWCF kill sheet for surface and subsea kill operations
  • Use the drilling data handbook to obtain various tubular data
  • Obtain sufficient knowledge about the course content to pass a written test with minimum 70% score