We strive to make the search for our courses as easy accessible as possible and the following is a short guide to use the functionality.


The search bar has three either/or possibilities:

  1. Free text search – write a key word and related results will occur gradually while typing
  2. Select a location from the dropdown list by clicking on the arrow down
  3. Select a category in our training assortment the dropdown list by clicking on the arrow down

Having selected the relevant course, location and/or category you click “Search” and the search will run and produce a list for you.


When the search has produced a list for you, you will have one of two options possible options:

  1. Select a course by clicking on the course name and then click the “Book” button for the wished date
  2. Select a specific date by clicking on the “Book” button related to this specific date


Having clicked the “Book” button you will now have to fill in the requested information and then click the “Submit” button at the
bottom of the page. You will now receive a mail from Maersk Training with the information that we will get back to you and confirm
your booking within 24 hours.

If this didn't help you, please contact us via email to