Are you our new Operations Manager ?

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Our new Operations Manager will be a seasoned and experienced leader from working in highly operational environments in managing multidisciplined team of experts in this exciting and challenging high tech simulations environment.

Key responsibilities

• Responsibility for all simulator faculties and simulation division personnel in your Maersk Training area of responsibility.
• Responsible for optimum utilisation of all resources in your facilities.
• Ensure maintenance of operating equipment used by facilities in conjunction with IT personnel.
• Act as project manager and coordinator for specific projects.
• Ensure that all procedures in the operations department are sufficiently described and optimized on a regular basis.
• Secure department profitability by efficient utilisation of the resources within the department.
• Provide technical support for the sales and marketing function as needed.
• Ensure timely update and upgrade of the departments course portfolio, documentation, equipment, simulators, course descriptions etc.
• Support the commercial team with proposals and client interactions as needed.
• Maintain and extend a professional contact with national and international education centres, affiliated companies, governing/regulatory bodies, and authorities.
• Directly responsible for the professional and personal development of the instructors within the department.
• Recommend the expansion or reduction of staff in relation to the planned and forecasted activity level.
• Establish and maintain high quality external consultant network.
• Develop and conduct high quality courses as needed.
• Interact with other operation managers globally to solve problems and share best practices.
• Work closely with customer service team on course calendar and scheduling.
• Work closely with Customer service and IT team towards procurement of course materials and IT equipment.
• Work closely with leadership on Contract negotiations for permanent hires and external consultants.
• Interface with current and potential SIM customers.
• Build cross-functional relations with SST and P&P divisions.
• Assist/lead local meetings for SIM division regional personnel
• Responsible for reporting/updating forecast for regional SIM division.
• Work closely with all leadership to establish/update local emergency procedures and drills.
• Assist global sales/leadership teams when appropriate.
• Serve as a local leader within your region

• Take initiative for proper and timely action in all aspects of the area of responsibility.
• Make suggestions for improvements and cost savings.
• Ensure that in all matters – prior to decision – an economical and a business assessment and evaluation is made to ensure that all work is carried out with the utmost efficiency and the best economical result.
• Render a good professional service to all customers
• Ensure that established quality parameters are fulfilled.
• Ensure relevant flow of information to management and to other relevant parties takes place.
• Prepare work procedures/instructions and work routines as needed.

We are looking for

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced individual to join our team as an Operations Manager in the oil and gas training industry. As a pivotal leader within our organization, you will oversee the day-to-day operations of our training facility and lead a plethora of cross functional teams while ensuring the seamless delivery of high-quality training programs to our clients in the oil and gas, maritime and crane sectors.

• According to specific directive.

Specific requirements for the position
• Relevant documented theoretical and practical background and career.

For further information, please contact: Matthew Roberts via