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Maersk Training in Nigeria offers technical drilling and well control training, crane, competency assessment and health & and safety training. All technical oil and gas and crane training are delivered with Maersk Training approved instructors, Maersk Training course materials and certificates. Health & and safety training are delivered by out partner Charkin Maritime & Offshore Training Centre.
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Welcome to Maersk Training in Port Harcourt

Located at the centre of West Africa's oil and gas industry

Maersk Training in Port Harcourt is right in the heart of not just Nigeria’s, but the region’s oil & gas industry. Port Harcourt is the centre and home port for the offshore industry in West Africa. Deep Atlantic waters and potentially high pressure/high temperature wells only add to the fact that those who work on the rigs and platforms in the region need to be the best in their fields.

The expansion of the oil industry has created the need for a highly trained and capable workforce – it is this very need that Maersk Training was established locally to meet. The training complex is a tranquil learning spot delivering world-class rig operations, covering amongst other aspects; drilling & well-control, cranes, competency assessments and health & safety training.

Constantly developing for you

Continuously innovating and in cooperation with the other training centres worldwide, Maersk Training in Port Harcourt offers team-based training with incorporated people skills as one of the latest strand of education featured in the portfolio.

The training centre is located just 30 minutes from the airport connecting Port Harcourt to the rest of Nigeria as well as the rest of the world.  Port Harcourt itself is a vibrant and rapidly expanding city. Created more than a hundred years ago, as a port to export coal, the discovery of oil in the 1950’s changed the region’s profile forever. It’s a transformation that is ongoing and at Maersk Training in Port Harcourt our aim is to contribute positively to this change.

Maersk Training Nigeria Ltd. has entered into a partnership with Charkin Maritime & Offshore Training Centre. All crane and technical oil and gas courses are delivered with Maersk Training approved instructors, Maersk Training course materials and certificates. All survival courses are delivered by Charkin with well known high quality. Joining instructions and local administrative tasks will be carried out by Charkin.

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Maersk Training in Nigeria
Km 4, East-West Road
(After Jephtah College)
Ozuoba, Port Harcourt
Rivers State
Telephone: +45 70 26 32 83
Email: portharcourt@maersktraining.com

If you have any questions, give us a call on +45 70 26 32 83
or write your question here.

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