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Maersk Training in Stavanger is Norway's most longstanding provider of Well Control training for the offshore oil & gas industry. We offer open courses, as well as tailored courses focusing on specific customer demands (HPHT, Safety, Introduction etc.).
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Welcome to Maersk Training in Stavanger

Maersk Training in Stavanger is Norway's most longstanding provider of courses for the offshore industry. We deliver open courses, as well as tailormade, customer specific courses focusing specifically on customer demands (HPHT, Safety, Introduction etc) in our new modern facilities.

Well Control Experts

As an approved IWCF (International Well Control Forum) training centre for drilling and well services, Maersk Training offers the entire range of well control courses in both Norwegian and English. You can also choose which units are used for calculations; metric or oil field units. We aim for a high level with newly updated DS-5000 simulator and internal instructors with much experience from the oil and gas industry.

Special simulator sessions

To enhance your teams’ competencies in handling today’s challenging wells and exploration at deeper waters, Maersk Training in Stavanger offers special sessions in The Intellectus hiDRILL. The Intellectus hiDRILL is a world leading down-hole simulator, combining the topside feel of the drilling operation with a high precision downhole model. Your teams will be met by challenges as close to real working situations as they can get. The ideal combination of a highly advanced model and an accurate topside simulator enables Maersk Training to offer you the most realistic training based on actual wells and real data.

Customized Training Projects

We offer a diversified range of course programs adapted to various groups of personnel, from the introductory level to specialized courses for engineers and graduate personnel.

If you are looking for special courses that you do not find on our course program, please get in touch with us, maybe we can help you through our partners.

Our principal customers and employers have throughout the years been Norwegian and foreign operating companies, service companies and other land-based industry with connection to the petroleum activities.

Besides organizing courses, we offer course administration. Avail yourself of our long-standing experience and solid competence to handle this part of your business, making it more cost effective. We can handle all needs and requirements within training/certification/courses imposed through regulatory requirements, and follow-up.

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Maersk Training Norway A/S
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