Training Management Service (TMS)

TMS is an outsourcing solution for the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Wind industry. TMS solution is highly flexible and very efficient for handling all your end to end training requirements. It is also a great opportunity to convert your training related fixed administration cost into variable costs.
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TMS can help you to focus on your core business

Our team of experienced and qualified training support professionals can help your company to focus valuable resources on your core business. Our TMS solution can be customized and tailor-made to suit your exact business need.

Through our TMS solution we support our clients with a full spectrum of training related administrative tasks such as identifying and communicating with suitable vendors, securing seats and booking courses with vendors. We also handle joining instructions, centralize delivery and update of certificates, centralize processing of vendor invoices, consolidate reporting and training spend overview. Our solution is scalable and flexible to ensure smooth administration of all your training needs.   

Global and local

We can fulfill your local, regional and global training needs instantly through our extensive geographic reach thanks to our 10 training facilities and more than 260 signed global vendor agreements with leading training providers worldwide.

What is essential to your business?

TMS can be customised, designed and delivered based on what is essential to your business. Our team of experienced training professionals can handle all your training related administrative tasks in a centralized setup which gives you the benefit of scalability, cost efficiency, transparency and standardized processes.


Training Management Services (TMS), an example

MT Group TMS infograph

What can we offer?

Opportunity to convert fixed costs into variable costs
Cost-saving model ensures incentive for efficient sourcing of training needs
Volumes consolidated to gain maximum cost efficiency
Reduced transaction costs in handling invoices from vendors
Simplified overview of training spend, reporting and statistics
Handling all enquiries in relation to facilitators, venues and participants
High compliance through standard vendor agreements
High level of cooperation & partnership based on Maersk Group Core Values
Upright decision making based on professional discussions

Why choose Maersk Training?

Deep understanding of your training need

Global setup to fulfill all your local training needs

Tailored solutions for your exact requirements

Access to consult training solutions with industry and domain experts

Access to procure third party training through Maersk Training’s global training 200 + vendor agreements

Quality assurance on training and vendors

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