Process safety training for oil & gas production enhances both process safety and performance

Process safety incidents are a part of every oil & gas operators reality. Ask yourself how many process safety related shutdowns or production losses you had last year, and what the impact on your bottom line would have been if just half of them had been avoided? Or imagine what a 1% higher output from your mature fields would do to your bottom line? Maersk Training has developed a process safety training programme for oil & gas production that can help you improve both process safety and performance.

The potential for reducing process safety incidents increases substantially when you train closer to reality

Today the human factor is responsible for a large number of process safety incidents, but with our training programme your personnel will acquire the necessary skills and competencies to be able to handle daily challenges and critical events in a safe and effective way. They will train closer to their everyday reality, using our production facility mock-up and advanced Kongsberg K-Spice Learn process simulators.

Process safety incidents before and after implementing Process safety training for oil & gas production

Source: An independent mid size oil company

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Our training programme will reduce the numbers of process related incidents

All personnel will get the same understanding of the process flow and procedures, and why operating discipline is important in handling daily challenges and critical events. The training programme consists of 6 different modules targeted at offshore production and operation and maintenance teams:

– Introduction to Offshore Oil & Gas Production

– Oil & Gas Production – Basic Course

– Process Safety – Hands-on Training

– Oil & Gas Production – Operator Course

– Oil & Gas Production – Advanced Operator Course

– Oil & Gas Emergency Response Training.

Benefits – our training programme will:

– Reduce the number of process safety related incidents

– Reduce the risk of a major accident

– Reduce the number of process shutdowns

– Reduce start-up time after planned or unplanned shutdowns.

The human factor is responsible for a large number of process safety incidents

Everytime a process safety related incident causes a shutdown you lose money, but due to the nature of hydrocarbons, oil & gas incidents are also potentially high risk events. If a seemingly harmless event suddenly spins out of control due to poor operating discipline or poor decision making you could find yourself in the middle of a major accident, similar to Piper Alpha or the Texas City disaster. Very few operators can withstand such an disastrous event, both in terms of the massive economic impact, but also when it comes to the loss of reputation and trust from investors, employees and authorities.

A lot of money has been invested in technology and in improving hardware barriers. Some of these solutions are complex, and they only work in combination with strong competencies and procedural discipline. Maybe that is one of the reasons why human barriers fails more often. Poor decision making, lack of situational awareness and complex procedures, combined with poor procedural training and lack of awareness among senior management will increase the risk of major incidents significantly.

Simple things lead to shutdown and process safety incidents

A great number of process safety related incidents are due to simple, easy to fix issues, like i.e.:

– Procedures are not always followed. Frontline personnel do not know them, do not understand them or do not see the value in their daily work

– On the job training reproduces bad habits existing in the organisation

– Process plant operational procedures are not optimised

– Often process safety training is theoretical – this kind of training is a poor investment. Since competencies are not implemented in a working environment behavior does not change

– Cutting cost on training.

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