We offer a first class learning environment for both the practical and technical training necessary to ensure all work is undertaken safely and effectively. The training provides participants with the essential skills and competencies required by wind farm owners, operators and other stakeholders.

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver training packages to meet your requirements, fulfilling any
skills gaps in this fast emerging and growing industry. We are proud to offer extensively trained and experienced
instructors. Our instructors have a deep understanding of the industry and major turbine manufacturer requirements. All have personal experience in working at height or on turbines, which gives them firsthand understanding of how to apply course knowledge in the “real world.”

Our training helps companies optimize their workforce for operational efficiency and, more importantly, safety excellence. Customers trust us with their most valuable asset, their people. It is through these relationships
that we have developed an acute understanding of the wind sector and the multiple business layers therein. Beyond our coursework and training, we partner with you to develop a better understanding of the industry, key
stakeholders, and market demands. We believe in a strategic relationship that aligns our mutual business interests to ensure long term business success.

The main aim is to address the lack of skills in the industry with best in class training to develop workforces that
are fully prepared to work in the wind industry.

• Rigorous assessment prior to starting the program.
• Excellent training and support offered by Maersk Training staff.
• Essential industry specific skills and knowledge.
• Appreciation of the wind industry and environment.

Wind training offered by Maersk Training

OPITO, GWO BST and the like.

Crew Resource Management, Leadership Training, Team Management, etc.

Crane Training, Maritime Courses, ROV, etc. for auxiliary service & support companies.


  • Basic Safety Training
    • Working at heights
    • Manual handling
    • First aid
    • Fire awareness
    • Sea survival
  • Technical Training
    • Electrical Module
    • Technical Module
    • Mechanical Module
  • Confined space – Full BA.



Maersk Training are also able to deliver training onsite via our state of the art, world first Mobile Training Facility. Our Mobile Training Facility allows us to deliver all GWO courses, as well as many more non GWO courses anywhere in the world. The centre is transported to you and the course will be run at your preferred location. The centre is GWO approved and Maersk Training will complete all risk assessments and take full  responsibility of the site.

Do you want to know more about our solutions to the Wind Industry? Contact us at commercial@maersktraining.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.