Transforming Managers and Enablers Worldwide Through Effective Training Within Industry Programs

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Maersk Training has successfully delivered TWI programs for clients around the world.  As part of our transformation for growth, this is also now being rolled out to our various leadership teams across the globe. 

Read the feature below from our TWI program management team, Susanne Svenningsen and Mie Lykke Olsen, and watch this space for more TWI news in the coming weeks!


What does our own TWI medicine taste like?


At Maersk Training we are currently offering the unique TWI (Training Within Industry) programs of:


  • TWI Job Instruction – an extremely effective 1:1 hands-on training method offering amazing results in improved quality, safety, and efficiency.


  • TWI Job Relations – a one-of-a kind, structured, and basic way of developing effective leadership skills.


Our Global Leadership Team has recently decided to offer TWI Job Relations training to managers and TWI Enablers in Maersk Training globally.

So far, we have 16 managers and TWI Enablers from our Esbjerg, Chennai and Dubai locations who have completed the TWI Job Relations training, and 5 of them have already completed the Facilitator Training as well – both programs with tremendous success.

The recommendation score has been impressive at 9.53 out of 10.

So, what does our TWI medicine taste like? Take a look at the feedback from managers joining the training:


  • “JR gives us the tools to create a trusting team, straight job relations lines, and to avoid foreseeable problems/concerns.”
  • “All problems escalate to a higher grade because the problem itself is not identified.  The JR program clearly helps identify the gap / problem / challenge.  The 4-point check is an excellent tool and a reference for investigating a gap. The foundations for good relations is super-efficient to be proactive to ensure an excellent relationship.  I think training the entire organization on JR is perfect for the company.”


Introducing TWI Job Relations proved to have serious but positive “side effects”, too:


  • “It boosted team harmony and spirit in our leadership group – really nice!”


  • “Good leadership is not rocket-science – a basic foundation is key to building a common language and behavior within the leadership groups.”


  • “I wish Maersk Training would explore TWI more and also allow us to be participate.  It was one of the best weeks we have had.  Thank you again.”


Huge thanks to everyone involved – and for the remaining Maersk Training locations:  Be prepared for quite an experience!


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