The Client: The company/individual responsible for contracting with Maersk Training. The Client may also be a Delegate.

The Delegate: Any representative of the Client attending a course at Maersk Training

Maersk Training: The local Maersk Training center where the course takes place

The Course

All courses are described on our homepage

The course fee includes only services described in the course description.

The course commences when course material has been send to the delegate.

Random drug and alcohol tests will be performed by Maersk Training during courses, and if delegates are under any influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be dismissed from the course with no back charge of the remaining part of the course.

Maersk Training reserves the right to refuse the delegate from participating in the course, without refund, if the delegate shows up later than the specified meeting time.


Maersk Training will issue an invoice at the time of booking stating the payment terms, and we reserve the right to suspend participation/certification if payment is not made.

Private bookers will need to pay by debit/credit card.

We also reserve the right to add handling fees and interest to late payments. In exceptional circumstances payments may be collected by external companies acting on behalf of Maersk Training. Please contact us for more details.

Cancellation Policy

  • More than 30 days before course commencement – no charge
  • 30 days or less before course commencement – 50% charge
  • 15 days or less before course commencement – 100% charge

In the event of a full or partial cancellation of a course by the client then please adhere to the above unless this is superseded by a contractual agreement between client and Maersk Training.

Maersk Training reserves the right to cancel or terminate wholly or in part any course and make changes to the course at any time and for any reasons.

Data Privacy

Maersk Training collects personal data which identifies you personally, we use and process such information in line with our Privacy Policy which fully complies with the Data Protection Act 2018.

When you have attended a course you will be asked to complete a course evaluation form. It is voluntary to complete the form, and the assessment of whether you fulfill the requirements of the certificate or not is not affected in any way, should you choose not to complete the form.

We collect your personal data for the purpose of completing certificates and assessing and documenting whether you fulfill the requirements of the certificate. We process your personal data for the purpose of improving our courses and to evaluate your benefit of our services. A copy of the original certificate will be forwarded to the company you are employed at and/or to the HR department responsible for your employment, if agreed with your employer. We will keep a copy of the certificate. A copy may be provided to third parties for the purpose of documenting the fact that you fulfill the requirements of the certificate.

You have the right of access to the data we process about you, however, with certain legal limitations. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and getting us to rectify the data processed if relevant. If you wish to exercise the rights mentioned above, please contact  or send a letter to Maersk Training A/S, Dyrekredsen 4, 5700 Svendborg, Denmark.

Maersk Training retains the right to take photos and videos of the course exercises. These videos may be used for training and marketing purposes.


If a dispute arises between Client and Maersk Training, we strongly encourage you to first contact us directly to seek a resolution – Click here for contact information

EU consumers can use EU’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform to resolve disputes. It can be accessed here: