At Maersk Training, we aim at providing customized digital learning solutions for your online learning needs. We create interactive and meaningful learning experiences that help develop a competent workforce.


With digital learning being the focus of the day, the eLearning solutions provide easy access anywhere, anytime, for upgrading your knowledge and technical skills. We promote self-paced learning that allows a significant amount of flexibility to fit learning within your busy lives.

We use fun, engaging learning interventions such as interactivities, animations, job aids, simulations and infographics to kindle learning interest and provide an opportunity to do and learn through application-based knowledge. Easy tools embedded in the eLearning courses help you learn and move at your own pace and take a formal assessment after each lesson/course. We offer varied courses from oil and gas, wind and maritime industries, and we can even create bespoke training your companies need.

Virtual Training

Virtual training allows you to attend courses from home/remotely. This achievement marks a step-change in remote learning and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

In most cases, no travel or accommodation is required at all for these virtual courses, which consequentially reduces the cost, carbon footprint and person to person contact of participants. Although, some of our courses do require practical exercises, with the exam to take place in the training center later.

The virtual classrooms are set up with a 360° view of the classroom and the instructor with impressive HD audio and video, ensuring a better learning experience for participants. The virtual classrooms also benefit from dedicated cameras for the whiteboard and any necessary equipment. This approach ensures the course is fully interactive with multiple learning techniques to ensure each participant’s engagement remains at a high level throughout the course.​

Delegates can interact with the instructor through conversation as a group or 1:1, but also through intelligent functions built into the software such as “applause”, “speak up,” and “slow down”.​

With the Maersk Training virtual courses, we reduce time spent away from home without losing out on the essential competencies necessary for safe and efficient operations within our industry, and at the same time decreasing administrative and travel costs.​

B2B Booking Portal

Our customer’s designated personnel will have access to this online platform through which they will submit Training Service Orders with an online solution to access Maersk Training course calendars.​

​Bookings can be made anywhere and anytime in real-time; giving an overview of current and historic bookings.  With secure login details, clients are able to enter a page to look up courses and add multiple employees directly to one particular course.  ​

​The online booking system has three simple steps, which are:​

  • Provide login details to supply booking information​
  • Select the Course and Date and click the Book Now tab​
  • Enter company code for cost information​

After that, Maersk Training will send a confirmation email to confirm the booking.  Joining Instructions and booking details are sent out automatically by the system to the person making the booking or, if we have the necessary information, to the actual delegate.  Maersk Training will issue the booking details no later than 24 hours after the booking has been confirmed in the booking system.​

Training Management Services App

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