API Qualified Offshore Rigger

The purpose of this course is to provide persons involved with rigging & slinging the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of:

  • Requirements for the marking of lifting components
  • Pre/Post user control and correct storage of equipment
  • Recommended Practice - per API RP2D 7th Edition
  • Enterprise of Competence & end user equipment inspection
  • Planning of lifting routes and lay down areas
  • Slings
  • Eyebolts, Swivel hoist rings, Padeyes
  • Shackles and Turnbuckles
  • Definitions: Rigging equipment
  • Rigging and Crane Blocks
  • Baskets

For courses in Robert Training Center - USA:
To attend the Shell Robert training facility, students need to be sponsored by their employer. Upon enrollment, the employer will be required to fill out an external agreement form. Please note that the Shell Robert training facility is currently not open to individuals who are not sponsored by their employer

Theoretical training covering:

  • Calculation of lifting equipment capacities
  • Safe job analysis and Risk Assessment planning
  • Equipment strengths and weaknesses
  • Slinging configuration
Practical training covering:
  • Lift planning and risk assessment
  • Lifting team basics
  • Blind Lifts
  • Slinging various types of load according to size, weight, shape and centre of gravity.
  • Choosing the correct lifting equipment
  • Visual check of slings (wire /fiber)
  • Visual check of lifting accessories
Students will receive an API – U certification upon course completion and passing exams. Participants will be given theoretical tests to confirm their understanding, and a minimum pass mark is set at 75%.

The course participant will be able to:

  • Give examples of the result of incorrect use of lifting components and how this can be avoided.
  • Show knowledge of the regulations regarding marking, documentation, use, maintenance, daily inspection and discard criteria of lifting gear.
  • Choose correct lifting equipment and show correct methods of use.
  • Direct crane operations safely using radio & hand signals
  • Develop and follow a lifting plan and risk assessment
*The price is excluding applicable TAX.