Chemical Awareness

Course Description

To provide learners with an awareness of the types of chemicals used offshore and their associated risks. The course will also focus on chemical classification requirements and the typical control measures and procedures which should be in place to manage the use of chemicals in the workplace.

LO1: Discuss the need for chemical safety and environmental protection
LO2: Identify the types and forms of chemicals
LO3: List the activities involving offshore chemicals and identify the types of chemicals used
LO4: Describe the ways in which you may be exposed to chemicals and identify the potential effects of exposure
LO5: Identify the environmental impacts of hazardous chemicals
LO6: Explain an overview of the legislative framework for the safe use of chemicals
LO7: Describe the requirement for classification, labelling, packaging and transporting of hazardous chemicals
LO8: Identify the internationally recognised hazard pictograms
LO9: Describe the requirements for chemical risk assessment
LO10: Explain the use of safety data sheets (SDS) in handling substances and materials safely and describe their content and structure
LO11: Describe typical control measures, operating procedures and best practices for handling chemicals
LO12: Describe the ways to manage the use of chemicals
LO13: Describe the specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements when working with chemicals
LO14: Describe requirements for the safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances
LO15: Identify the initial actions to reduce the risks of injury to personnel and damage to the environment in the event of a chemical incident

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