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Maersk Training in Svendborg

Svendborg, the centre for the emerging Maersk shipping business over a century ago, is now the fulcrum for innovative learning using a whole new generation of simulators and techniques. Traditional methods still are part of everyday training, but with the industry-leading simulation complex, fresh approaches to learning, particularly at a team level, are delivering new standards of efficiency and competency.

Added to the broad portfolio for maritime, crane and energy- based courses, is a people skills department which provides assistance in selecting and maintaining the right personnel and for all staff to be able to communicate freely and accurately.

Maersk Training in Svendborg is the complete story. Recognising the value of excellent food and good accommodation through its own private restaurant and hotel, the whole complex is designed to enable participants to get the most out of their stay and companies to get the most out of their workforce.

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The role and facilities at Svendborg are different, the objective the same as its global sister centres. Together they strive to provide a better learning experience.

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Maersk Training Svendborg A/S
Dyrekredsen 4
5700 Svendborg
Telephone: +45 70 26 32 83

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