Our 40th anniversary get-together recently at Maersk Training in Dubai was a big “thank you” to all our customers and stakeholders. It was great to have various customers across – operators, drilling contractors, marine, terminals, and service companies join us for the event.

H.E. Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin (Denmark’s Ambassador to the UAE) and H.E. Jens Martin Alsbirk (Consul General) were special guests at the event.

Johan Uggla, CEO of Maersk Training emphasized in his speech the humble beginnings of Maersk Training back in 1978 and how the company was founded on the back of an human error.  That error lead to an accident that might have been prevented with better preparation.  With “constant care” in mind, the purpose of our company is to improve safety procedures and operational performance.

Over 40 years we have delivered training and consulting projects centered around our ‘Integrated Operations’ concept focusing on our industries in Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Renewables.  The range of consulting & training services span across Drilling, Production Services, Process Safety, Leadership & Human Factors, Major Emergency Management, Maritime, and H2S Safety Services.

It was great to hear our customer stories around how we successfully delivered Drill Well on Simulator as just one example of various advanced solutions offered in the region.

Since the official launch of Maersk Training in Dubai in February 2016, we have been working very closely with various operators, drilling contractors, and maritime customers in the region around driving operational excellence, enhancing safety, rig start-up consulting services, and with nationalization / localization efforts.  We leverage our 40 years of global expertise along with our local presence and knowledge in how we support and drive the right outcomes together with our customers.  So the discussion was focused around how we support both regional as well as global customers including BP amongst many others.  Below is an example from BP of how we drive outcomes by working closely with our customers:

During the tour of the advanced simulation training facility, visitors experienced first-hand how we drive outcomes as a strategic partner by bringing everything under ‘one roof’ and also offering flexibility in delivering solutions onsite / offshore.

We appreciate that not all stakeholders and customers were able to make it on the day, so we welcome you to please reach out to us if you would like to know more about Maersk Training.

If you want to know more about our facilities in Dubai, please reach out to us at dubai@maersktraining.com

Photos below are posted with permission:


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