Maersk Training People Skills
Born out of the industry, constantly improving industry organizations from within

Maersk Training People Skills will improve your integration of people, equipment and processes, by training those cognitive, social and interpersonal skills that underpins safe and efficient teams, and excellent leadership.

A brief history of creation

Maersk Training was founded as the result of an accident on board the Maersk Explorer in 1977. That human error that led to the accident might have been prevented by better training.

In a company based on the key value that “no loss should hit us which can be avoided with constant care”, this was not acceptable.

Maersk Training was founded in 1978. Maersk Training is an independent business unit with worldwide training facilities open to all companies.

The main purpose of our company is to improve safety procedures and performance.

People Skills, Safety & Security department was added as a seperate faculty in year 2000.

Today the People Skills department is spread all over the world with contact in most High Risk industries and with a highly recognised performance at both the operational level as for the executives and board members.


We truly believe that real safety and high performance begins within yourself. We also believe that all humans have the ability to find that inner spark that can make a difference in any organisation.


Our goal is to add values to the organisation through Leadership, Management and CRM training focusing on High Risk working environment in both the Operational context and at the Executive level.


Maersk Training works with a Global network of training centers and professional consultants with leadership and operational experience in the offshore, maritime and the wind industry.

Our combination of on-site knowledge and people skills competences is a unique match for training development from the engine room to the board room.