Full unit Integrated Operations CRM

Immersive Simulated Environment (ISE)
concluded with CHAOS™

Innovative, bespoke performance optimization training for offshore drilling shown to reduce operational costs – it’s the next generation offshore training.

The programme

First full unit Training environment. We train all functions and cooperation between all parts of the unit (RIG) including technical simulators and human factors as well as crisis management training.

This program is the culmination of years of observing isolated courses that brick by brick contributed to improved efficiency and safer practices. With ISE, you get to see the whole wall. Gathered together under one roof you have the decision-making personnel from shore base, bridge, engine room, crane and the drilling teams all interacting as they would on a rig facility.  They may have been working together for years, but this could genuinely be the first time that they get an opportunity to cross departments and share experiences and discuss issues.

It is this sharing that is a critical component to gaining a greater understanding of the consequences of everyone’s role. Within days gone forever is the ‘them versus us’ mentality which hampers smooth running operations.

As with all courses, the aim is to gain the maximum learning experience.  The Immersive Simulator Environment is refined and enhanced by customer input and guidance. We have the workable formula, but we recognize from day one that different targets need different approaches. ISE is a bespoke course tailored to the customer’s needs and desires.

On board the rig, once the toolbox talk ends the crew splits back into default departmental mode. During ISE, crews works their way through a common scenario; at lunch and dinner breaks, at constant feedback sessions and even around the coffee machine, they get the chance to share.


  • Simulations create active learning that increases knowledge/process retention
  • Participants become actively aware of consequences of decisions/actions
  • Simulations develop personnel who have increased situation awareness and thus are able to respond to events faster with enhanced decision making abilities
  • Simulations increase productivity by increasing muscle memory and decrease incidents by fostering a deeper understanding of procedures, environment, and non-human factors
  • Simulations are shown to decrease training time, as experienced in industries such as aerospace, healthcare and mining
  • Increase trust and teamwork between:
    • Operator and contractor
    • The rig and on-shore team
    • Bridge, engine room, drill floor and crane
  • Mitigate risks for the drilling operation by providing hands-on experience working collaboratively with integrated crew in a safe simulated environment
  • Stronger perception and understanding of respective team and individual colleagues’ responsibilities through teambased problem solving
  • All key personnel will gain familiarity with individual and team challenges that have potential to occur offshore
  • Heightened confidence in colleagues’ capabilities, knowledge, and experience for solving complex problems in offshore environment
  • Increased personal accountability and understanding of impact on overall team performance
  • Building a shared understanding of operational decision making in critical situations
  • Safe environment for testing technical and non-technical skills during simulated critical events


There is no escaping the word immersive in this week-long course. It is intense from day one in the classroom ses­sions which gradually give way to simulator scenarios. The classrooms are used for laying down the principles, discussing concepts and for reviewing progress. With each simulator session recorded on multi-cameras, there is no escaping valid criticism or genuine praise.

The time spent in the simulators grows each day. The sim­ulators are important tools in the programme, but it is not just how they are used its who uses them that makes them vital. You can buy a group of people instruments, but they are not a band until they have knowledge, guidance and music sheets.

Industry experienced instructors share and transfer the knowledge that helps make the programme such a valuable experience.

For ‘the ISE band’ the big performance comes on the fourth day. It is an all-day simulation exercise with interlinked scenarios involving everyone. The instructors create a schedule which starts like most any day on a rig. What follows is determined by the actions of the crew who are nudged into a Chaos situation. Chaos – Combined Human And Operational Skills – is what the participants might experience in a lifetime, but launched at them in a few hours. The final day is for reflection, packing and depart­ing with a refreshed look on your working environment.

Key benefits from ISE with CHAOS™ training

Mitigate risks and increase safety performance

Substantial cost savings

Simulations proven to decrease training time across all industries

Immersive simulations improve learning retention and increase muscle memory

Strong, team-based performance culture increases productivity

Training under pressure improves crews’ decision making, communication skills and situational awareness

Participants become actively aware of consequences of their decisions, mistakes and successes

Shared understanding of operational decision making in critical situations

Confidence to handle critical situations

Establishes trust between operator and contractor personnel

Mutual recognition of competencies and increased teamwork