Embracing a New Era in Digital Training with Virtual Reality

A production manager goes through some VR safety training from the comfort of his office chair.


Copenhagen, 31 August 2023

Embracing a New Era in Digital Training with Virtual Reality

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Maersk Training announces its strategic alliance with SynergyXR. Leveraging five years in VR/XR technologies, Maersk Training continues its dedication to impactful VR solutions by integrating SynergyXR’s immersive offerings.

“Our collaboration with SynergyXR strengthens this journey, enabling a seamless integration of innovative VR/XR offerings into our established digital training portfolio, making learning even more immersive and accessible to learners on-demand anywhere,” remarked Per Larsen, Head of Innovation at Maersk Training.

Harnessing Digital Innovation for Practical Training

SynergyXR’s partnership promises to enrich Maersk Training with interactive, deeper learning experiences. Learners can navigate realistic scenarios safely, streamlining training while reducing costs and environmental impact.

“Partnering with Maersk Training surpasses just technical integration; it’s about redefining industry standards and creating boundless training opportunities for this digital era. And with our no-code platform, we can help them bring products to market a lot faster” stated Mads Troelsgaard, CEO at SynergyXR.

Global Reach with Innovative Labs

Maersk Training is launching state-of-the-art labs worldwide, reflecting its commitment to harmonizing global insights with transformative technology. “These labs reflect our dedication to harmonizing global insights with transformative technology. With SynergyXR’s platform, we’re bridging industry gaps, offering unparalleled training experiences anywhere and anytime,” emphasized Per Larsen from Maersk Training.

Redefining the Future of Training

This partnership envisions a future where remote learning transcends traditional boundaries, innovating team collaborations and reimagining virtual customer interactions. “Our collaboration with Maersk Training emphasizes our shared vision to revolutionize digital learning. SynergyXR’s cutting-edge platform, combined with Maersk’s deep industry know-how, promises to establish fresh industry standards,” expressed Mads Troelsgaard, CEO at SynergyXR.


For more information, contact: Per Larsen, +45 63 21 99 75, pla094@maersktraining.com

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