Centrica Energy Norway

Centrica Energi (CE) Cooper well 6506/11 – 9S drilled by North Atlantic Drilling (NAD) drilling rig the West Alpha on the NCS was a challenging HTHP well for the company as there were both potential HTHP reservoir targets towards the base of the 12 ¼” hole section and in the 8 ½” hole section that had to be drilled using a comprehensive set of HTHP Drilling Procedures.

CE decided to use NAD’s set of HTHP Drilling Procedures for drilling these hole sections, however, to be able to use these procedures a comprehensive review of NAD procedures had to be made to ensure regulatory compliance and a Gap Analysis performed against CE internal Drilling Management System had to be made so that a suitable Bridging Document could be made.

CE decided to outsource this scope of work and decide to use Maersk Training for the task due to their demonstrated specialist competence and experience in performing this scope of work and being able to deliver work of a high standard and quali_.

Maersk Training were extremely proactive and helpful in assisting CE in defining the actual scope of work required and what the “deliverables” were to be to CE and this excellent cooperation helped to provide a high quality. Review and Gap Analysis of NAD’s set of HTHP Drilling Procedures by Maersk Training to CE, which enabled CE to write the required Bridging Document quickly and efficiently.

CE would have not hesitation in using Maersk Training for similar work in the future.

Fred Hardinges
Drilling Advisor
Centrica Energy Norway

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