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Ensuring the safety for your operational employees in these industries is our main training focus. The need for specific technical knowhow, when working in the wind industry, is also met by our training. Your team members will be taken to the high level of competence, which is required to solve their daily tasks.

Cost effective solutions

Your team members will complete an intense training programme focusing on basic safety and technical skills. We make sure that all participants will acquire the relevant certificates – ready to work at a higher level when returning to their companies.

Saving time and money for you is a priority to Maersk Training, and every programme is carried out in the most cost-effective way. We provide a “one-stop-shop” with all courses planned back-to-back, since you should only be without your team members for the shortest time possible.

Constantly developing for you

Being part of a larger group, Maersk Training in Esbjerg is regularly able to offer your teams newly developed courses – or enhancements of the existing training programmes – since we have access to a considerable in-house operational experience within a variety of disciplines.

You can also benefit from our package solutions. They cover all kinds of safety related programs, and more advanced technical and simulation courses – suited to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Last but not least, your team members can look forward to meeting our trainers and specialists. We are proud to offer you the services of such a highly qualified, motivated and service-minded staff – ready to take your employees further.

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Maersk Training Esbjerg A/S
Ravnevej 12
6705 Esbjerg Ø
Telephone: +45 70 22 79 50
E-mail: esbjerg@maersktraining.com

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