360⁰ simulator opens a whole new world of opportunities

A remarkable seven weeks has lifted Indian advanced maritime post-graduate training to be amongst the highest level currently available anywhere in the world. That’s the lightening quick time it took to go from the decision to establish a new full-mission bridge simulator complex to participants being on the first course.

The project meant that from the green light, building work commenced with walls being moved and constructed, electrical supplies altered and upgraded and air conditioning capabilities increased to accommodate the heat generated by the screens and banks of computers. The 360 degree bridge is large enough to accommodate a full crew and this opens the door to the highest level of training, one that marries pure technical to human resources. Studies have proven time and time again that whilst technical know-how is vital, the cause of most accidents or mishaps is due to human factors, like poor communication, lack of situational awareness or insufficient leadership.

It’s an all-Indian success story, well almost. The 360 degree simulator is Indian built by ARI who are headquartered in New Delhi, the location is Maersk Training’s Chennai centre, the instructors will be knowledgeable Indian captains, supported by the technique of fully utilizing the hardware and software that comes from Maersk Training’s +40 years of global experience within high impact training and assessments.

“Maersk Training’s in Chennai has delivered a huge range of courses for over a decade and this is a valued add-on of equipment to strengthen our portfolio.” says Managing Director for Maersk Training in India, Ajay Behl.

The first course ran was with a bridge team from Maersk Line on the advanced Bridge Team Enhancement Programme (BTEP). All Maersk Line bridge crews will go through the training and assessment over the next three years. Svendborg in Denmark is a hub and the Chennai initiative covers the Asian market from a centre that has been delivering a huge range of courses in the region for over a decade. It marks the Danish headquartered company’s biggest investment in the centre and a commitment to the future.

Class A simulator makes even the most advanced training possible
The new ARI simulator is an extremely flexible tool, giving the best conditions for powerful learning and performance assessment and the story does not stop with BTEP. A broad range of courses and crew assessments means that it can perform many roles. It is technically advanced, but what makes it so flexible is the variety of vessel models and training areas, and the size of the bridge. It mimics a real bridge and therefore allows full participation and interaction including role play. The instructor station enables every movement to be recorded for detailed assessment in the feedback session.

‘The speed and cooperation in setting this up in just seven weeks,’ says Per Larsen, Global Product Line Lead at Maersk Training, ‘is a master class in project management. This will benefit global shipowners, who is crewing out of India. And we expect the already high interest to steadily increase.’
Learning from fully-embracive courses in i.e. Svendborg, Houston and Dubai where entire crews from engineers to bridge teams take part, the simulator complex is prepared for integration with engine room simulators. The fully embracive courses have been used for developing the crew resource management competencies, as well as for training communication and corporation in the critical link between engine room and bridge on vessels.
As Global Product Line Lead, Per, has seen simulators all over the world and the Chennai one comes right at the top of the pile. ‘You can’t rate one simulator set up directly against another because they are for different markets. Some are principally for offshore. This one is set up for the large vessel industries and is prepared for offshore business. Having worked with ARI at our shared facility in Cairo, we are confident that the Indian and greater Asian market has got something to be proud of and that will assist in increasing the overall competency level of seafarers in the region’ says Per.

Technical abilities in types of training
• Maneuvering and ship handling
• Bridge & Crew Resource Management (BRM / CRM)
• Pre-hire & -promotion assessment
• Nautical skills assessment (Colregs, Radar/ARPA, navigation, maneuvering)
• Human Factor and operational leadership training
• Emergency response training
• Navigational studies and risk assessment
• Post-accident debriefing
• Bespoke solutions

For further information:
Ajay Behl, General Manager Maersk Training in Chennai,
Phone: +91 91769 72656
Email: abe173@maersktraining.com

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