From being a country reliant on imported gas, it is now an export according to the country’s petroleum minister. Learn more about this amazing story >

As Free As the Wind

What if training facilities could just pop up? When TEU means Transportable Educational Utility – this is suddenly possible. Read the innovative story of the World’s first mobile training facility to the wind industry here >

From 21 metres to 12 kilometres, in 200 years

The history of Well Control training goes back nearly half a century and is best told in four distinct eras. Today we are entering a fifth era… Read a short story of well control >

Rig Gigs


Chris Jacques regularly gets pay cheques from two very different sourcesbut they share the common factor that both are based on working in diverse locations. Read more >

Super Sonnich


As we turn to spring, summer and longer days, for some the most physical thing on the horizon is the pull rope to kick start the lawnmower back into life. For others it is a question of sport or a challenge, or both. Read about the 200% man from Esbjerg >

Tonny’s Tip Top Taiwan Task

Tonny Møller has spent much of his life overseas. Now he spends much of his life overseeing. He has project managed the three biggest jewels in the Maersk Training simulation crown, in  Svendborg, Dubai and Houston, and now has, potentially, the largest venture in his sights. However it is not one that will carry Maersk’s seven-pointed star. Read the story here >

Message In A Bottle

Seventy percent of the earth is covered in water, but if you were to gather it up into a single ball, it looks remarkably insignificant. All the salt water would be in a ball that is 1,385 kms in diameter – this sphere represents 96% of the water on earth. All the fresh, is just below 273 kms, but much of that is below ground and inaccessible. Know more about it >

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