Are you looking for a way to optimize your offshore inspections? Let drones take care of your inspections – the only thing you need is a drone pilot.

It is time to explore the broad potential of drones. Drones can accomplish a lot of different tasks within inspection applications and services in the oil & gas and wind industry. Using unmanned systems for offshore inspections makes it possible to access constructions in a quick, safe and cost effective way. Traditional inspections are carried out by manpower using ground based equipment like scaffold services or by rope access. From the ground, observations are limited by distance and difficult angles. Rope access is not without risk, and both methods are very time consuming with a big impact on productivity.

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Throughout inspections there will be less staff requirement and the tasks will not involve high risks. Likewise, less time will be required for the inspections as the drone is quick airborne and immediately gives live images and process-able data. Most importantly, these inspections will prevent any loss of production as it eliminates downtime and the need to take facilities off the grid, as well as it allows surveys during production or construction.

There are infinite possibilities of where to apply drone inspections and services, e.g.;

  • Wind farm & power stations.
  • Drilling rigs, pipelines & transmission network.
  • Oil spill detection & Oil spill damage assessment.
  • Oil/Gas pipeline surveillance incident mapping.
  • Gas leak detection.
  • Search and rescue (SAR).
  • Facility security.

At Maersk Training Esbjerg the Drone Pilot Courses are targeted at candidates with or without previous experience and knowledge of flying UAV’s or drones, and offers training for licenses in one of the following categories:

Maersk Training offers to rent out drones in all of the above categories to use during the training. The training is offered through a partnership with WeFly, and can be delivered at Maersk Training in Esbjerg or as an on-site solution.

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