Maersk Training has announced the launch of its upgraded Training Management Solution (TMS) with the aim to improve the training management for companies dealing with fewer headcount and remote working, amid the Coronavirus pandemic.  

The software which is divided into two parts, mobile app aimed at delegates and webbased application for the administrators and training facilitators, offers a fully customised solution to meet the global training needs whilst removing the intermediary and reducing administrative time and costs. 

The mobile app provides a full overview of the employee’s individual training requirements, from training due to expire to current courses due to be completed, whilst offering a training record at their fingertips accessible anywhere in the world. 

The web application supplies the employers with a customised view and management of individual employee’s training matrix, simplifying the administrative process including booking and cancellation system, logistics and cost optimisation at the same time. The application also allows for the upload of financial records ensuring further cost assurance that training is kept within budget. 

Maersk Training UK Head of Commercial, Scott Taylor, said: “As our working habits have changed due to the global pandemic, remote employment has become our next normal. Businesses have sadly had to make cuts, so with lower headcounts and more responsibility for surviving employees a solution that offers a saving on cost, time and is contactless with less administrative processes, is something that fits seamlessly into this new business era we enter.

“The software offers a total training management solution in your hand anywhere at any timeand gives delegates an ownership of their development and competence whilst giving employers a total overview of training needs. The software has been recently onboarded by Maersk Drilling and has been a success.” 

Apart from a 360degerees training management solution, TMS provides access to over 500 pre-approved highest quality vendors and Maersk Training’s own cutting-edge facilities as well as opportunity to benefit from Maersk Training’s over 40 years’ experience in handling training management.  

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