Part of national strategy

Maersk Training in Esbjerg invests in drone technology and will start teaching specially skilled drone pilots.

Great potential is waiting in the drone technology, and the drones are here to stay according to Maersk Training in Esbjerg, who advises and qualifies companies and their employees within the wind and oil industry among others.

For this reason, they will educate specially trained drone pilots who will be able to assist in future tasks such as inspection and maintenance of oil rigs and wind turbines.

“We see our initiative with drone courses as part of our dedicated efforts to be innovative and in front within the areas that can add value for our customers” says Frank Holst Christoffersen, Managing Director at Maersk Training in Esbjerg.

Part of national strategy

Since the presentation of Denmark’s first drone strategy last year, there have been lots of ambitious announcements from the government.

At the end of March, Education and Research Minister Søren Pind (V) stated that Denmark aims to be one of the strongest drone nations globally and to develop and refine drone technology in several industries.

These are the ambitions that Maersk Training in Esbjerg is now working towards with their new drone courses. The goal is to increase the number of drones, which makes it possible to streamline the operation in many Danish offshore companies.

Danish provider of drone courses

Maersk Training in Esbjerg has formed an alliance with the Danish company WeFly that becomes supplier of the new drone courses.

Drone enthusiast and founder of WeFly, Kasper Due Bække, is excited about the big drone initiative. According to Kasper it signalises that the drones are here to stay.

“The drones will be playing a much bigger part in our society in comparison to now. In 10 years we will we be as familiar with a drone in the air, as we are with an airplane today,” says Kasper Due Bække.

Maersk Training in Esbjerg expects to train the first drone pilots in June 2017.

For further information regarding the different Drone courses, please visit or contact Maersk Training in Esbjerg

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