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Competency development increases your competitive­ness, and training is an investment returned to you through improved safety and operational efficiency. So we invite you to take advantage of training designed for deeper learning retention, and a new generation of simulators that will challenge your people in virtual reality – as close to real working situations as you can get. Through our industry-leading simulation complex and fresh approaches to learning, we are helping companies achieve higher safety and operational performance.

Training individuals

You can choose from a portfolio of courses in oil & gas, maritime, crane operations, people skills, and other offshore areas.  We differentiate in this market by going beyond industry standards and delivering competencies to students – not just certificates. Contributing to our ability to deliver a better learning experience is a large investment in subject-matter experts, instructor development, and facility ergonomics – all driven by a culture of constant care and a passion for raising industry safety and operational performance standards. Our Well Control, Dynamic Positioning, Major Emergency Management, and crane courses are shining examples of this.

Team-based training

Non-technical skills, or ‘human factors’, are most often cited as the direct cause or a contributory factor to offshore incidents.  To help you address this prevalent issue, we’ve incorporated these factors into traditionally technical courses, along with simulation and team-based exercises, to help teams communicate more freely, accurately and effectively. Our Enhanced and Team-based Well Control, Bridge Resource Management, and Engine Room Resource Management courses have set the global standard in these areas of competency development.

Crew-based training

The value of training complete vessel or oil-rig crews at the same time, in virtual reality, is extensive and evident. Through linking cross-functional teams together in high-fidelity simulation, companies can practice, assess, and improve procedures and people by living through a life-time of disasters within a safe and short span of time. Our advanced programmes are built to have a direct impact on your safety and efficiency, which can translate into profitability and sustainability. Ask us how far we can go with crew-based training that leverages our ‘human factor’ specialists with our entire suite of simulators.

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