API Qualified Offshore Crane Operator & Qualified Rigger License

By obtaining an API – U certification for Qualified Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator and Qualified Rigger, course participants will receive an understanding of the requirements to work in the Gulf of Mexico per the latest API RP2D 7th edition.

Course participants will be trained to operate a crane and be familiar with rigging operations per API Recommended Practice 2D, 7th edition. The course is accredited by API. Students will receive an API–U certificate upon course completion. Course will be conducted in a classroom and full mission offshore crane simulator. The course consists of both theoretical and practical modules, which cover, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of an offshore crane operator and the safety and implications attached to this role.
  • Introduction to crane operation terminology.
  • Identification and explanation of relevant legislation per API standards.
  • Introduction to typical crane maintenance and inspection requirements.
  • Understanding the main crane controls, safety devices, working limitations, associated hazards and safe work practices of an offshore crane operator.
  • Practical operational training following a basic lifting plan via an offshore crane simulator.
  • Rigging Basics (hazards faced and how to avoid them, types of slings used in offshore cranes, calculation of sling load).
  • Familiarization in lifting loads with slings, rigging hardware, and safety issues associated with JSA’s and lift plans.
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