Confined Space Entrant/Attendant & Rescue

A staggering number of workers are killed or seriously injured every year in confined spaces due to lack of knowledge of the environments they are working in and the equipment they are working with. This course is intended for delegates who require the knowledge to allow them to apply safe working practices, reducing unnecessary risk when entering or working in confined space environments.

We simulate a real life enclosure where the possibility of a dangerous environment could exist and features within the structure include top and side entry access hatches, chambers, tunnels, ladders, smoke machines and audio alarms. There are also a number of infra-red cameras inside the structure for delegate monitoring and recordings for feedback. This specifically designed structure allows delegates to receive the most thorough experience of confined space training, either alone or in teams, preparing them for a real life situation.

For courses in Robert Training Center - USA:
To attend the Shell Robert training facility, students need to be sponsored by their employer. Upon enrollment, the employer will be required to fill out an external agreement form. Please note that the Shell Robert training facility is currently not open to individuals who are not sponsored by their employer

  • Current legislation.
  • Recognition of confined spaces.
  • Dangers associated with confined spaces.
  • Appreciation of the different types of atmospheres.
  • Use of gas detection equipment in hazardous atmospheres.
  • Use of Personal Protection Equipment, i.e. ropes, harnesses and man riding hoists.
  • Use of escape Breathing Apparatus sets.
  • Different types of full working Breathing Apparatus and ancillary equipment.
  • Pre-entry checks on equipment.
  • Safe systems of work for entry into confined spaces.
  • Methods of communication.
  • Manning levels.
  • Emergency procedures and rescue techniques.
  • Management of the unconscious casualty.
  • Practical exercises including basic rescue procedures using associated equipment.
  • Practical use of escape sets and full working Breathing Apparatus.
  • Vertical entry and egress using a tripod and winch.
  • Awareness of resuscitation equipment.
  • Awareness of the need for periodic examinations of equipment.

  • To provide the knowledge and practical experience to safely enter a confined space.
  • To provide a thorough understanding of the dangers of confined spaces.
  • To enable delegates to access, work, egress, and rescue personnel from confined spaces safely.
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