Escape Chute Training

The purpose of this course is to familiarize delegates with the escape chute system procedures.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have an understanding of escape chute system deployment, a correct controlled descent and various other features of the escape chute system.


Phone: +45 7022 7950 / Mail:

COURSE PRICE: 2950 DKK EX VAT,- per person

The following subjects will be covered in the course:

  • A description of various types of escape chute systems currently on offshore installations.
  • A description of the method for deploying various models of the system.
  • Procedures for mustering and the precautions when entering.
  • Position of body when descending the chute and actions to take for stopping and exiting the system safely.
  • Actions to take for deployment and inflation of life rafts.

After completion of the course, the participant will have acquired:

  • Understanding of how to deploy an escape chute system.
  • Ability to safely descend escape chute.
*The price is excluding applicable VAT.