GWO Fire Awareness Refresher

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To refresh basic fire fighting skills to work in a safe manner and to meet emergency response training requirements for personnel within the global wind industry, working both onshore and offshore.

After completion of the course, the trainee will have refreshed skills and basic knowledge about:

  • Obtain information from various API publications
  • Development and spread of fire
  • Causes of fires in wind turbines and dangers related to this
  • Identifying any signs of fire in a
  • Contingency plans in a wind turbine environment including smoke detection and emergency escape procedures
  • Correct actions and operation and fire extinguishing by means of the fire fighting equipment. in a WTG

To refresh the required level of understanding and awareness of emergency response through theoretical and practical training to prevent fires, make initial and appropriate judgment when evaluating a fire, to efficiently extinguish an initial fire by using basic hand held fire fighting equipment.

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