GWO Sea Survival

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Upon completion of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training (BST) Sea Survival, delegates will be trained to work on offshore wind installations, e.g. wind turbines, construction vessels, accommodation platforms, transformer stations etc.

They will learn Personal Survival Techniques and methods of safe transfer between vessels and installations.

This course can be offered in both indoor Pool and outdoor environment alternatives.

After completion of the course, the delegate will have achieved skills and basic knowledge about:

  • Principles for survival at sea.
  • Evacuation means.
  • International and national legislation.
  • Suits and life jackets used in the offshore industry.
  • Safe conduct in work situations, emergency situations and contingency plans.
  • Life boat, life raft, and life buoys.
  • Davit launchable life rafts and exercise with capsized raft.
  • Techniques to enhance survival at sea.
  • Treatment of coldness and hypothermia.
  • Use of pyrotechnical equipment.
  • Helicopter hoist.
  • Safely entering water from a height.
  • Right inverted life raft.
  • Offshore installation and vessels working in the offshore industry.
  • Swim and keep afloat while wearing a life jacket.
  • Operation with small boats including MOB (man over board) techniques.
  • Transfer of personnel and luggage between dock -boat and boat installation and between vessels making way.
  • Electronic distress signal devices such as EPIRB, SART and PLB.

To give the trainee basic knowledge and skills within the areas of survival at sea including:

  • Life-saving appliances.
  • National and international legislation.
  • Life rafts.
  • Man overboard.
  • Hypothermia.
  • International and national legislation.
  • Transfer of luggage.
  • Personnel to offshore installations.

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