Jacking and Rig Move

Important Note:

This course is delivered as a fully-virtual, instructor-led training using Microsoft Teams. Practical assessment for these courses are delivered virtually, via a cloud-based Simulation program (where required).

To give an understanding of safe rig move and jacking operations for jackups in theory and practice. Practical exercises will be completed in an advanced motion platform jacking simulator.

  • Planning of rigmoves, using relevant procedures and legislation
  • Seabed / Soil Properties.
    • Seabed friction on legs.
    • Stuck leg(s).
  • Preloading:
    • Site specific
    • Geo/Soil
  • Maneuvering theory
  • Person in Command (PIC)
  • Basic Stability for jack-up
  • Jacking systems
  • Jetting system
  • Raw water legs
  • Rack Phase Difference (RPD):
    • RPD Program
    • Eliminate RPD
  • Rapid penetration / Punch-through.
  • Torque on legs.
  • Max inclination of rig versus distance to platform.
  • Crane operations during transit.
  • Heavy lift operation
  • Tow / Anchor-handling vessel operations
  • Risk assessment.

To be able to:

  • Move on to final location by anchors & start jacking
  • Open location using 2 vessels.
  • Pre-load and punch through
  • Freeing legs
  • RPD Issues
  • Ship handling and rig moves in simulator.
  • Communication / Teamwork between rig and A/H Vessels.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Emergency Response Scenario
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